The Holiday Home

The Seraphicum Holiday Home is a structure for the temporary stay of people or groups who wish to share a journey of faith, ecumenical and interreligious spirituality, for a social, hospitable and religious tourism that, together with the reception services, offers to the guest an atmosphere and an environment of serenity where he has the opportunity to rediscover human and Christian values, in a relationship of respect, brotherhood, prayer and cordiality with everyone.


The Seraphicum or Collegio di S. Bonaventura, was founded in Rome in 1587 by Sixtus V, based in the general convent of the Ss. XII Apostles. Later, in 1894, he was transferred to the new International Seraphic College, located in the Velabro area, near the Palatine Hill, in via S. Teodoro. In 1964 he was transferred to the current new headquarters in Via del Serafico.

Now the complex is located in a park, with an enchanting and invigorating green, 500 meters from the abbey of the Three Fountains, where, according to tradition, the apostle Paul was beheaded and many Christians were martyred by order of the emperor Diocletian. In the immediate vicinity of the Seraphicum, on the Via Laurentina, there is also the sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Revelation very frequented by the faithful.